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How To: Install Pianobar on the Raspberry Pi

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For those of you who aren’t acquainted with pianobar on the Pi yet, pianobar is a free/open-source console-based client for the online radio Pandora. Essentially it allows you to access Pandora via the command line and in doing so remove the resource intensive Flash Player from the equation. The interface is simple, intuitive and the navigation & playback were both very responsive. Pianobar by design is also a bit more flexible than it’s XBMC Counterpart.
For example: I can run pianobar from within my desktop environment, via command line, call it from scripts or voice-commands!



1.) First we need to make sure we are up to date:


2.) Then we need to install pianobar


3.) Next we will want to create our pianobar config file….


4.) Now we want to populate the config file that pianobar is going to use:
(Example Config file can be found /usr/share/doc/pianobar/contrib/config-example)

Make sure that you replace the user & password entries below with YOUR Pandora account information.

**Now would also be a good time to customize your keybindings or set your autostart_station.


**Note the tls_fingerprint at the end of the config file. The one listed in this config file is up to date and working as of today’s date. (4/1/2014) If you receive the below error when running pianobar:

(i) Login… Network error: TLS handshake failed.

Pandora has changed the certificate used for making a secure connection, in which case you will need to update it!

[learn_more caption=”To Update TLS cert…”]


User  r35krag0th over at Github has written a simple script to grab the latest key.

Simply create the script file like so:

sudo nano pandora_tls


Then to run it:


It should then return the latest TLS cert needed.
(In the below example I named my script ssl)




5.)  When all is said and done, you should be able to simply run:


You should then be greeted by your list of radio stations….




Additional Information:


  • If you are running a RetroArch Emulator (Like UltraSlim). You can easily create a script to run it from the /Roms/apps directory.
  •  Control Pianobar from your Android Phone w/ –  PianoBar Remote Control
  • Pianobar Man Page: HERE.
  • Pianobar Project Page: http://6xq.net/projects/pianobar/



If you have any questions /comments please share below.


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How to Install PandoraFMS and Setup Whatsapp Alerts

Pandora FMS is a monitoring software chosen by several companies all around the world to manage their IT infrastructures. Besides ensuring high performance and maximum flexibility, it has a large amount of features making Pandora FMS one of the most complete solutions in the market.

So we will use this software monitoring for monitoring our server and add feature for alert if anything bad is happen with our server via whatsapp.

We will install Pandora FMS first, in this tutorial we will install on Ubuntu 14.04, but before you must install MySQL first for database.

Install MySQL

Before we install Pandora FMS package we need to install MySQL as database we will use for Pandora FMS store the data, its easy, just running this command as root :

$apt-get install mysql-server

Fill in MySQL password for we use later if asked in installation progress.

Install Pandora FMS

First we need add artice repo for install Pandora FMS package, you can edit repo file to add it.

$vim /etc/apt/sources.list

Add deb http://www.artica.es/debian/squeeze/ in last line, save and update the source.

$apt-get update

After update we can install Pandora FMS package.

$apt-get install pandorafms-console pandorafms-server pandorafms-agent-unix

Next step you can edit /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf and add

Alias /pandora_console /var/www/pandora_console/ below DocumentRoot.

Open http://ip/pandora_console/install.php in your broswer.

Do installation progress and fill your database information when asked.

Now you must fill database information what you fill when installation progress in /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf.

Remove or rename /var/www/pandora_console/install.php and now you can login to http://ip/pandora_console with username is admin and password is pandora.

Pandora FMS can be start,stop and restart via init service.

$/etc/init.d/pandora_server start.

Pandora FMS Server 5.1SP2 Build 150223 Copyright (c) 2004-2014 ArticaST
This program is OpenSource, licensed under the terms of GPL License version 2.
You can download latest versions and documentation at http://www.pandorafms.org

[*] Backgrounding Pandora FMS Server process.

Pandora Server is now running with PID 13164

Setup Whatsapp Alert In Pandora FMS

Before I already search and found some tutorial also in pandorafms blog it self, but nothing is working, so i use my dirty way to get it work.

First we need clone whatsAPI from github, thanks venomousox for push it to github.

$git clone https://github.com/venomous0x/WhatsAPI

next go to test directory in whatsapi folder, you can see whatsapp.php file there, that what we need later for send alert.

Before that we must register our number to use in whatsapp, you can use yowsup for register, we can clone or download from github.

$wget https://github.com/tgalal/yowsup/archive/master.zip

$unzip master.zip

#install yowup dependencies

$apt-get install python python-dateutil python-argparse

#go to src folder

$cd yowsup-master/src

#create config from default config

$cp config.example yowsup-cli.config

Fill cc,phone,id and password with yours. cc is your code area , phone is your number phone include your code area, id is your di, and paswword is pass you want set in your whatsapp account.

#give yowsup-cli file permission to execute.

$chmod +x yowsup-cli

#request whatsapp code registration

$./yowsup-cli --request-code sms --config yowsup-cli.config

status: sent

retry_after: 3605

length: 6

method: sms

#register with registration code

$./yowsup-cli --register <registration-code> --config yowsup-cli.config

status: ok

kind: free

pw: <your password with base64 encode>

price: 0,99

price_expiration: 1662803446

currency: USD

cost : 0.99

expiration: 1691344106

login: <your phone number>

type: new

#Fill yowsup-cli.config with what you get in register output.

$cat yowsup-cli.config

cc=<code area>

phone=<number phone>


password=<your password>

Test send message before use whatsapi from venomous0x

$./yowsup-cli --send <destination number phone> "Test" --wati --config yowsu-cli.config

Connecting to c.whatsapp.net

Authed <your number phone>

Sent message

Got sent receipt

Get messages

$./yowsup-cli --listen --autoack --keeplive --config yowsup-cli.config

Connecting to c.whatsapp.net

Authed <your number phone>

62111222333@s.whatsapp.net [05-03-2015 11.48]: I have received test from you

Interactive Mode: Send and Get messages

$./yowsup-cli --interactive 62111222333 --wait --autotack --keepalive --config yowsup-cli.config

Connecting to c.whatsapp.net

Authed <your number phone>

Starting Interactive chat with 62111222333

Enter Message or command: (/available, /lastseen, /unavailable)

Hi, whatsapp bro

<your number phone> [05-03-2015 11:54: HI, whatsapp bro

Enter Message or command: (/available, /lastseen, /unavailable)
62111222333@s.whatsapp.net [05-03-2015 11:55]:What are you doing?
@s.whatsapp.net [02-02-2013 14:16]:What are you doing?

Enter Message or command: (/available, /lastseen, /unavailable)

Chat with you

<your number phone> [05-03-2015 11:56]: Chat with you

Enter Message or command: (/available, /lastseen, /unavailable)


If everything is well done, we continue to next step with WhatsAPI.

Fill in information what we got in yowsup to WhatsAPI.

Edit whatsapp.php file in whatsapi/test/ folder.

Fill $nickname in line 19, change with whatever nick you want to display or you can save number phone and give name in your contact as you alert bot server.

Fill value $sender variable with your phone number bot alert server, fill empty in $imei variable and fill $password variable with base64 password from yowsup, save and test send whatsapp message with it.

$php5 /path/whatsapi/test/whatsapp.php -s <destination number> "test message"

If well done too, so we can go to final step, config in pandora FMS panel.

Login to you Pandora FMS web pannel http://ip/pandora_console/ with default login admin:pandora.

Go to Manage alerts -> Command to create command for alert, click create button in right bottom.

Fill name form with whatever you want to give a name and fill the Command form with the command for sending message to whatsapp number via WhatsAPI like before.

php5 <path>/whatsapp.php -s <destination number> "_field3_"

then click create button. You will see your name command in list alert command, next we create action for alert.

Go to Manage alerts -> Actions, Click again create button on the right bottom, fill Name form with whatever you want, let the Group option still selected to all for let the action is can be use for all server, next choose name you create in the command alert  in Command option and if box in Command preview show your command, you have to do it right, click Create button and you are done for creating alert action. You will see your action name in the list of Alert actions, next we create template message for alert.

Go to Manage alerts -> Templates. There are three type of alerts, the firs and the last type is that we will use, click Critical condition -> next to step 2 -> choose the name of action you create before in Default action -> next to last step -> enable for alert recovery and fill the Field 3 with whatever message you want to send to you if something bad happens, do the same instruction in Warning condition too.

Up to here we are done to create alert system integrated to whatsapp.

For test you can just create the agent,then create module and choose default action with action your create before to send alert to whatsapp number your already set.

This is example for my bot alert notification send to my whatsapp :

Example for the Server alert via whatsapp


Happy Monitoring !

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