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Barking up the Wrong Tree | WordRake cluiche pandora

Barking up the Wrong Tree

In casual conversations, we sometimes speak in clichés because we can connect quickly, but even in conversation, if we hear clichés too often, we think, “This guy’s an idiot.”


On paper, that impression comes quicker and more often. To wit: “Jorge is barking up the wrong tree.” I don’t know if that expression comes from a guy who herded a posse of hounds after a fox in the hunt country or a pack of coondogs after a possum in the Ozarks, but the first person to use it as a metaphor to describe energy headed in the wrong direction must have been a clever sort.


At its origin, a cliché is clever (that is why everybody started repeating it, and that is how it became a cliché). But we didn’t think of it, and others have uttered it billions of times between then and now, so coming from us it sounds tired, trite, hackneyed, and like we cannot express ourselves without borrowing from someone else. If we are teenagers still trying things on, that is okay, but it doesn’t sound right coming from an intelligent adult, especially at our level, especially in writing.


In the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals really smart people argue over insane amounts of money. The atmosphere is tense, the stakes high. Yet the gravity of the situation seems not to deter some lawyers from blurting onto paper clichés like the following (and many more), which a Ninth Circuit judge plucked from their briefs:


pandora charms à vendrele>

When we put these in our writing, we are not connecting with our reader; we are making our reader groan.


Caveat: If we must use clichés, we should at least get them right, and try not to mix them. A defendant’s lawyer once complained to a judge that the plaintiff was demanding “the whole nine balls of wax.” Another lawyer told the judge he felt like he was “beating his head against a dead horse.”


I’m not making these up. I wish I were that clever. My former favorite came from a judge. After discussing a complicated matter with both counsel, he announced they would, “take the bull by the horns, and let the chips fall where they may.” Holy cow.


But my new favorite comes from an associate who was running to court alongside a late and ill-prepared partner. A block from the courthouse, the associate turned to the partner and asked, “How are you going to get out of this one?” Without breaking stride, the partner said, “I’m going to shoot from the seat of my pants!”


I leave you with that scene, inside a quiet courtroom, paneled in walnut.

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Andromeda SB 042 CD


This group called "Andromeda" started up during the early period of Krautrock. Its musical output was dominated by a heavy organ sound and came across much more professional than many other contemporary German groups, perhaps comparable to NOSFERATU (they were on the same label "Vogue") but not as jazzy. Also similar to Eloy (ca. 1973) or Waterloo. Certainly a reissue we would like to recommend to you, and a shame that they only recorded one album.

Carol of Harvest SB 064 CD
Carol Of Harvest


It does not matter whether you see this kraut rock legend (for who's original releases you will sometimes have to pay around 500 Dollars) as a band version of EMTIDI around the "Saat" period, as a close relative to the english band MELLOW CANDLE which had similar folky songs and an equally enchanting female singer, or if you consider them a kraut rock version of JULIAN JAY SAVARIN - this re-release is more than justified by its own merits: a unique atmosphere, great songwriting and three previously unrealeased extra tracks, including a cover version of JANE's "River". A CD you will find you'll be putting on over and over again

currently out of stock

Chicken Bones SB 023 CD
Chicken Bones

Hardrock in Concert

Still one of the most collectable privately produced underground releases made in Germany. Long progressive tracks with great guitar based jam-sessions. Lots of bonus tracks. Now available as digipak CD.

Dom - Edge of time CD SB 063 CD

On the Edge Of Time

German trip album from 1970 by a bunch of freaks who had obviously been experimenting with powerful hallucinogenic drugs. This psychedelic journey carries you on waves of flute, acoustic instruments and pulsating organ/bass/percussion in a laid back voyage into space. The twisted choral church-styled organ, Pink Floyd like textures and surreal poetry at the end of the album is truly mind melting. A strange, spacious and innovative album fusing rock, folk, ethnic and the avant garde musics most uniquely, Edge of Time is perhaps one of those great albums that is extremely difficult to describe. It ranges from atmospheric Yahta Sidhra realms via electro-acoustic collages onto the chaotic psychedelic underground of Amon Düül.


currently out of stock
Dschinn SB 037 CD


From DISCHAS to DSCHINN. This reissue presents the whole musically history of DSCHINN, beginning as a psychedelic-band. Within two years they changed their musically concept and recorded this great heavy rock-album. Digipak CD - including 12 bonus-tracks. Now also available on vinyl, 180gr pressing, and with original sleeve design

Ego On The Rocks SB 048 CD
Ego On The Rocks

Acid In Wounderland

Highly recommended!!! After leaving ELOY in 1979, J.Rosenthal and D. Schmidtchen created as EGO ON THE ROCKS a brillant progressive concept album in heavy symphonic style. The listener will be surprised by lots of trippy arrangements and sound effects. Gimmix-digipak edition with 30 min. bonus tracks and extensive booklet.


currently out of stock

Gila - Same SB 021 CD


Fantastic spacy German progressive rock in the vain of early Pink Floyd. Expanded guitar and organ work, melancholic voices. New digipak CD including mini-poster

currently out of stock

Gomorrha CD zweisprachig SB 022 CD


Great psychedelic underground legend from Cologne founded in the late sixities. Produced by Deutschrock mastermind Conny Plank, this English version of their first album offered some impressive progressive tracks, even some of them are in the vein of the Beatles. This new longplay digipak edition also includes GOMORRAH´s more beat inspired German version from 1969.

currently out of stock

hairy chapter Eyes + Can't Get Through on one CD SB 033 CD
Hairy Chapter

Eyes/ Can't get through

HAIRY CHAPTER was a highly talented heavy underground-quartet of the early krautrock-years. For many years its records - especially the far more progressive second album - have been much in demand. This first official reissue contains HAIRY CHAPTER's two albums on one CD - in a better sound quality than ever before

hairy Chapter LP SB 033 LP
Hairy Chapter

Can't Get Through

HAIRY CHAPTER was a highly talented heavy underground-quartet of the early Krautrock-years. For many years its records - especially the far more progressive second album - have been much in demand. And after the CD edition, "Can't Get Through" is finally also available on vinyl (180gr pressing, limited edition of 750 copies).

this edition is sold out

Hairy Chapter Eyes SB 067 LP
Hairy Chapter

Eyes New!

Hairy Chapter's debut album featured an ambitious German version of British Blues Rock. Thre are rough vocals, blues interludes and hard rocking garage sounds. This 180 g vinyl re-issue contains an insert with liner-notes written by group manager Norbert Mandt and very rare pictures of the band.. It is strictly limited to 1000 copies. By the way: The recordings are the same as "Electric Sound For Dancing.

Haze Color-dia SB 039 CD


HAZE played excellent progressive rock with lots of impressive instrumental passages, but their lead-singer's voice sometimes sounded somewhat strange. Nevertheless it should be recommended for all fans of early 70s metal. Digipak CD-reissue with the original color-dia-gimmix-sleeve

I drive SB 062 CD
I Drive


Finally 'I DRIVE' is available on CD again - this time, however, in the original design as a 2CD-premium-digipak - complete with an extensive booklet, detailed band bio, many unreleased photos.....and for the first time on CD: The first 'I DRIVE'-single published in 1969, and many rare recordings in addition. And of course all songs come in technically revised and done up quality. Musically, the whole thing can be classified as a mixture of early 70s hard rock and English organ rock.

Ikarus - Same SB 032 CD


IKARUS gaben progressiv konzipierten Artrock zum Besten, angereichert mit wohlportionierten Jazzeinlagen, die stets angenehm ins Ohr gehen und niemals ausarten. Als CD im Digipak inklusive Posterbeilage erhältlich, sowie als limitierte 750iger Vinylauflauflage. Digipak

Irish Coffee CD-Version SB 069 CD
Irish Coffee

2005 Live Rockpalast

Once regarded as "one of the best hard rock groups to ever come out of Belgium", unfortunately Irish coffesplit-up in 1975. 30 years later, in 2005 to our surprise there was a comeback at a Rockpalast gig in December 2005. From the old personell there are still 2 musicians on stage : William Souffreau, the main songwriter and singer and Luc de Clus, the genious Solo-Guitarrist. This music is timeless and the three other younger musicians don’t let you think that this is an Oldie event; we listen to modern rock that has it’s roots deep in the seventies – from the altogether 14 tracks 8 tracks have been released in the seventies on singles and on the one and only LP. Our CD contains the entire performance of about 64 minutes. Last but not least: The recordings have been especially remastered once again for a perfect CD and vinyl and have now a much better „Power-sound“ and will bring to smile all rockfans that like early seventies rock to listen to in top quality.

Irish Coffee LP Version SB 069LP
Irish Coffee

2005 Live Rockpalast

Our double LP contains the entire performance of about 64 minutes. Last but not least: The recordings have been especially remastered once again for a perfect vinyl sound and have now a much better „Power-sound“ and will bring to smile all rockfans that like early seventies rock to listen to in top quality. If you specialize in collecting vinyl, you might watch out for colored vinyl , which is strictly limited to only 100 copies.


and SB 056-59 CD
Kin Ping Meh

Fairy Tales & Cryptic Chapters

The beginnings of the Mannheim based Krautrock-legend Kin Ping Meh: This edition presents 4 1/2 hours of only unreleased stuff, which should be interesting not only for KPM-fans. Among the recordings, there are many "new" old songs, cover versions, sessions, great live performances and alternative versions of KPM's better known repertoire. Moreover, the new CD-artwork concept was made to represent the scene of the frontcover picture of KPM's former original debut album a little bit more. These erotic illustrations, which were taken from historic patterns, relate much closer to the well known Chinese novel "Kin Ping Meh" written by the famous Chinese poet Wang Schi Tschong (1526- 1593). He tells the story of Xi Men Ching, a rich and horny business man, who controled 6 beautiful concubines in his household. The title KIN PING MEH (JIN PING MEI) itself explains this in the same way: "Plum blossoms in a golden vase" meant beautiful women in a welloff house. Our new CD-design shows only in detail, what that meant in daily life. We really did not do this in order to achieve more commercial potiential. Please note: The entire box-set contains a free bonus CD, which is not for sale otherwise. We plan a strictly limited 8-LP vinyl version of 750 copies, which is packed in a special box-set as well

currently not in stock

Krokodil same SB 052 CD


During the early 70's this Swiss KROKODILwas one of the most exciting imports in the German rock scene. Its debut album which was released in 1969, contained blues-inspired rock with many progressive touches. No wonder that KROKODIL was often seen as a Swiss version of the GROUNDHOGS. This album is mega-rare now and hasn't been re-released before. This digipak-CD designed by ex-member Düde Dürst features three bonus-tracks as well. Vinyl-freaks should note that a 180-g-vinyl-LP version is available now. It is an exact personally designed by Mr. Düde Dürst

Krokodil Swamp SB 052 CD


Compared to the band's debut album, "Swamp" presents a less blues orientated sound. This time the Swiss KROKODILes put much more emphasis on virtuosity. Thus Hardy Hepp's violin and far-eastern sitar sounds gained more importance. The timeless melodic writing also brought a different kind of appeal. A great artistic development for the band without ever drifting into the mellow waters of pop clichés! All recordings are digitally re-mastered, and in addition there a two unreleased tracks and a rare soundtrack title as a bonus. Digipak

z. Zt. nicht lieferbar
Krokodil An Invisible World Revealed SB 054 CD

An Invisible World Revealed

KROKODIL goes progressive rock: This album isn't called a 70ies milestone for nothing! You can hardly describe in detail what the band, working closely with sound wizard Dieter Dierks, accomplished here. To put it short: "Invisible World" simply contains each and every trademark of the genre - great song writing, absolutely far out arrangements, highly imaginative solos and psychedelic mellotron and sitar sounds. Digitally re-mastered and with two long sessions as bonus tracks - all in high quality sound. Digipak

Jeff Liberman SB 034 2CD
Jeff Liberman

Then and now

JEFF LIBERMAN is both a fantastic multi-style-guitar player and a great songwriter, strongly influenced by JIMI HENDRIX and E. CLAPTON. If you don't want to pay 150 US-Dollasr for originals or buy bootlegs in terrible sound quality, don't hesitate to check out this CD- re-issue, which includes the entire work of JEFF and many previously unreleased songs

z. Zt. nicht lieferbar
light of Darkness SB 019 CD
Light Of Darkness


Legendary heavy bluesrock-influenced progmonster. It deserves a listen by all people who like VIRUS, SPERRMÜLL or BLACKWATER PARK. New digitally remastered version which sounds much clearer and is wrapped in a digipak-cover.

my Solid Ground SB 035 CD
My Solid Ground


Legendary progrock masterpiece, sometimes aggressive, sometimes melancholic. Superb guitars, distorted voices and great organ works that recall PINK FLOYD or GROUP 1850. This longplay CD also contains many bonus tracks, among them a former 25-minute-version of "Flash". Limited vinyl edition of  750 numbered copies, 180 gr pressing.

Night Sun - Mournin' SB 041 CD
Night Sun


German heavy rock strongly influenced by DEEP PURPLE: terrific instrumental battles and screaming voices. This digipak reissue is not a "fucking bootleg", but guarantees the quality, that you should expectk

currently not in stock

Prof. Wolfff SB 054 CD
Prof. Wolfff


Excellent German folky progressive rock with German lyrics, comparable to IHRE KINDER to a certain extent, but with appealing classical-inspired instrumental parts. Digipak reissue contains previous unreleased bonus material.


last copies

and SB 027 CD

In Concert

Heavy, bluesrock-influenced underground trio from Poland. Great live gigs. A recommendation for all who like GROUNDHOGS, ANSLEY DUNBAR and similar stuff

Second Life SB 040CD
Second Life


I would describe this one and only album by SECOND LIFE (same line-up as TIGER B. SMITH) as a "no compromise" hard rock masterpiece, especially because of its self-titled opener, a varied opus of twenty minutes consisting of floating acoustic parts, powerful moments and expanded instrumental solos. Digipak reissue in perfect sound quality.


SB 068 LP
Twenty Sixty Six and then:

Reflections On The Future

Alltime classic made by one of the best German heavy-progressive groups. Superb guitars, swirling hammond organs, trippy sound effects. This 2-LP-set combines all remastered original recordings of "Reflections Of Future" for the first time, excellent live tracks of 2066's performance at the legendary Ladenburg festival in 2002 as well as old rehearsals from 1971.If you specialize in collecting vinyl, you might watch out for colored vinyl, which was strictly limited to only 100 copies


sold out
Dom Edge Of Time - 2LP SB 029 CD


Organ and guitar based energetic German hard rock in the vein of URIAH HEEP and DEEP PURPLE. Appealing expanded instrumentals, excellent singer, dark and driving organ and guitar licks that you won't get out of your head




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Nouvelle #lune du 23 juillet 2017



Ca vous dit de provoquer « un changement » dans votre vie ?, mais pas n’importe lequel,  quelque chose qui vous sort de votre quotidien auquel vous n’auriez  pas oser réaliser. Il peut s’agir d’une rencontre brisant vos préjugés auquel vous étiez rattachés. Sortir de ces clichés conformistes et de ce fait peuvent retarder votre évolution. Sous cette Nouvelle lune en Lion, il y a quelque chose d’étonnant qui peut débarquer par surprise. Une décision que vous avez prise qui remet en cause votre mode de vie, vos habitudes. Vous avez peut-être adoptez une nouvelle façon de prendre un réflexe dont vous comprenez les erreurs d’un fonctionnement erroné. Vous en êtes dans le balbutiement ce qui demande de révolutionner des habitudes de comportement.

Cette influence a déjà commencé en conscience, c’est une nouvelle impulsion qui  prendre corps sous forme de pensée, d’action et de réalisation si vous allez jusqu’au bout de cette performance, vous allez d’une certaine façon entreprendre un saut quantique à l’échelle humaine. L’intention est très forte à l’arrivée de la Nouvelle lune, mais arriverez vous a accomplir ce challenge qui demande une volonté d’accomplissement sans faille. Le « triangle de feu » peut vous y aider, pour relever le défi en réalisant l’exploit de votre vie. Je ne sais pas si vous avez pris conscience de cette colossale énergie de volonté qui se présente à vous, elle est puissante et en même temps demande de s’accrocher jusqu’au résultat final.

Les deux éclipses d’Aout peuvent vous y aider à persévérer pour accomplir ce miracle que vous n’aurez quelques jours auparavant pas imaginé.   C’est comme ça que j’ai ressenti la Nouvelle lune en Lion qui y fait ces premiers pas et tous les inconvénients que l’on peut rencontrer dans les débuts d’une entreprise. On a besoin de se rassurer en permanence, même si les résultats ne sont pas encore visibles pour avoir l’énergie de continuer. La motivation est un moteur et s’entourer de personnes qui vous motivent ne sera certainement pas à négliger.  La confiance est un don précieux pour avancer dans la vie.

Sortez de vos croyances limitantes et dites-vous à l’intérieur de vous-même qu’il existe une autre réalité, rien n’est figé dans l’univers et tout est en mouvement constant. Il y a une sorte de précipitation dans l’énergie de la Nouvelle lune. Il peut s’en suivre un vif désir de dépassement de ces croyances limitantes auquel vous êtes rattachés par faiblesse et habitude.

Sur le plan mondial, il y a aussi des bouleversements, qui vont dépendre de cette charge émotionnelle collective de changement, car plus ce désir est manifesté par un grand nombre et plus les éléments vont être marquants par leur nature exceptionnelle. Une influence retentissante dont l’effet est ressentie depuis quelques jours. L’énergie de la Nouvelle lune c’est la signature d’un nouveau cycle, du commencement qui se prépare dans les trois jours avant le moment de la Nouvelle lune. C’est un rendez-vous incontournable avec une part de vous-même dont vous n’aviez pas conscience et qui se projette en pleine lumière de votre vie, comme une nouvelle porte s’ouvrant vers de nouvelles possibilités d’évolution.

Ce n’est que ma perception personnelle de l’idée semence de la Nouvelle lune, que vous pouvez partager, ressentir au fond de vous-même, qui peut vous éveiller a une autre réalité en formation dans votre esprit. Dans cette Nouvelle lune, il y a quelque chose que vous devez faire éclore en vous-même et réaliser l’épanouissement sortant des cadres conventionnels …


– tous droits réservés, pour le texte et photo  –

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Les 12 initiations des Nouvelles Lunes en 2017

Préparation au retour des éclipses


Commentaires sur: "Nouvelle #lune du 23 juillet 2017" (8)

  1. mélanippe a dit:
    24/07/2017 à 20 h 04 min

    Le problème, lune soleil, c’est que je me pose souvent la question: qu’est-ce qu’un monde meilleur? DE toute façon, nous ne ferons certainement pas marche arrière comme le rêvent les « décroissants ». Laissons-nous plutôt surprendre par l’inconnu,…

    • Lunesoleil a dit:
      24/07/2017 à 21 h 07 min

      On peut commencer par modifier notre façon de consommer , plus en accord avec la nature et les effets se feront ressentir sur nos pensees et notre santé …

  2. mo2detente a dit:
    23/07/2017 à 22 h 03 min

    0in; font-family: Calibri; font-size: 12.0pt;">I leave you with that scene, inside a quiet courtroom, paneled in walnut.