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Today in teal and tan (at The Grounds of Alexandria)
Peonies TattooPeony Flower TattoosTattoo FloralFloral Tattoo SleevesHalf Sleeve TattoosTan TattooBlack Girl TattooBlack TattoosSexy TattoosForward

amazing Peony Tattoo on arm

from JOYHYSTERIC.com.au
Sleave Tattoos For WomenUnique Tattoos For WomenHip Tattoos WomenTatoos MenShoulder Tattoos For WomenMens TattoosTattoo Designs For WomenThigh Sleeve TattooFemale Tattoo SleeveForward

I love tattoos but I don't have any. I plan on getting one in the future, specifically flowers to represent my mom and grandmother.

Beauty Mehndi & Henna Art
Mehndi TattooLace TattooHenna TattoosMandala Thigh TattooJewel TattooMehndi ArtTatoosHenna MehndiBody Art TattoosForward

Love a thigh tattoo // henna design

from Beauty Mehndi & Henna Art
I love the very wispy, downy look to these. I love how realistic they look too. I'd like something like these very much.

50 Eye-Catching Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo InkSoft TattooDelicate TattooFaded TattooPiercing TattooQuill TattooTattoo Outline DrawingOgham TattooTattoo ShadingForward

Light feather tattoo - I like the "lightness" of it - but I don't want a tattoo

River, South Korea

10+ Floral Tattoo Artists Who Will Make You Want To Get Inked

Watercolor Tattoo ShoulderFlower Tattoo ShoulderFlower Tattoos On BackTattoo Placement ShoulderFeather Tattoo PlacementFeminine Shoulder TattoosFeminine Thigh TattoosBack Leg TattoosFlower Tattoo FootForward

I love these flower tattoos "River, South Korea"

Arm henna Más
Dot TattoosHenna TattoosGirl Forearm TattoosArm Tattoos GirlsArm TattosInner Arm TattoosMehndi TattooColor TattoosHenna Inspired TattoosForward

Arm henna But a tattoo idea

poppy flower tattoo by Eugenia Ignatova
Poppy Flower TattoosBirth Flower TattoosAugust Flower TattooRed Poppy TattooWatercolor Poppy TattooTattoo Ideas FlowerColorful Flower TattooPoppies TattooBeautiful Flower TattoosForward

poppy flower tattoo by Eugenia Ignatova tattoo artist Russia Togliatti

Tatoo RoseRose Tattoo FootLotus Tattoo BackPink Tattoo Ink3 Roses TattooPink TattoosMandala Wrist TattooBoho TattoosNature TattoosForward

I'm really starting to like down the spine tattoos Dövme

Vedi la foto di Instagram di @missvoodooo • Piace a 1,911 persone
Lace Thigh TattoosThigh Garter TattooRose Tattoo LegHenna Thigh TattooWomen Leg TattoosMandala Thigh TattooMandala Flower TattoosLeg Sleeve TattooPaisley TattoosForward

Stylish Mandala Flower Tattoo On Thigh By Courtney Corson

from Instagram
tattrx | татуировки, moscow, tattoo artist, Stanislaw Wilczynski, @tycore, tätowierungen, tatuagens, tetoválás, tatouages, тату, татуювання, tetovaže, tatuiruotės, tatuaggio, tatuajes, タトゥー, 入れ墨, 纹身, tatuaże, dövme, tetování, tattoo art
Line TattoosLine Tattoo ArmMaori Tattoo ArmWrist Band TattooWrist Bracelet TattooPair TattoosTatoosBook TattooGeometric Line TattooForward

can also work inverse color for a pair

Mehndi Henna Tattoo Mehendi Mandala Art #MehendiMandalaArt #MehendiMandala @MehendiMandala More
Henna TattoosHenna Tattoo WristMehndi TattooBody Art TattoosTemporary TattoosMandala ArtHenna MandalaHand MehndiMehndi ArtForward

Mehndi Henna Tattoo Mehendi Mandala Art More Más

White ink cherry blossom tattoo
White Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom TattoosCherry BlossomsDaughter TattoosTattoo White InkWhite TattoosTattoo BlackHairline TattoosClavicle TattooForward

Cherry blossom tattoos, Blossom tattoo and Cherry blossoms on .

Delfts Blue round flower tattoo

Delfts Blue round flower tattoo

Wrist Bracelet TattooWrist TattoosA TattooDutch TattooRound TattooRoundingFloral TattoosDelftMy Favorite ColorForward

This pretty floral temporary tattoo is made in the famous Dutch 'Delfts Blauw' style. Wear it on your wrist or on your arm. It doesn't really matter; it will look fabulous anyway!

Could become a beautiful tattoo
Side Stomach TattoosWomen's Side TattoosStomach Tattoos WomenBelly TattoosHip Tattoos WomenTummy TattooFemale Wrist TattoosTattoos For GuysStar TattoosForward

Amazing hip and tummy tattoo

Embroidery, art nouveau. Frances Caulfield designs for download, V&A Museum, London
Cool Henna TattoosHenna ArtArt Nouveau PatternArt Nouveau DesignEmbroidery TattooPortrait EmbroideryPattern TattoosArt Nouveau TattooDesign PatternsForward

This would be a cool henna tattoo!

from vam.ac.uk
Pink flower
Flower Tattoos On ThighPink Flower TattoosCute Thigh TattoosUpper Thigh TattoosTattoo ThighLeg TattoosTattoo MeWrap TattooGarter TattoosForward

Thigh flower tattoo - i would put this on my upper arm instead, but very cute…

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But when you also run cross country your like: "no practice? Five mile run today! Take it easy."
in-pursuit-of-fitness: Fitness Motivation!
Haha... Burn...
Take a look at this Belvedere Designs Pink Life Goals Wall Quote by Wallquotes.com by Belvedere Designs on #zulily today!
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girls basketball quotes funny - Google Search
Football Mom - Watch My Son Play
The Game I love<3
Hmm I think it should be "my love for food increases as the amount of soccer I play increases" haha!

  • Les clichés de Shojô!!

    Amatrices, amateurs de shôjos, cet article est fait pour vous ! Car cet article vous présentera les éléments que tu trouveras tout le temps dans un shôjo !



    Dans un shôjo tu retrouveras :

    ღUn héros mystérieux au lourd passé, beau gosse super populaire et craquant qui n'en pince évidemment que pour l'héroïne, qui soit disant n'est pas intéressante mais en fait si !

    ღL'héroïne toute mignonne, timide et parfois très naïf, qui bien sur, tombera amoureuse du héros.

    ღUne rencontre inopinée avec un bel inconnu, et c'est tout de suite le coup de foudre !

    ღUn rival amoureux.

    ღUn passage ou l'héroïne tombe accidentellement mais comme par hasard le héros la rattrape, ils tombe l'un sur l'autre...

    ღUn jour de St valentin ou évidement le héro reçoit pleins de chocolat mais ne garde que la boite de l'héroïne.

    ღL'ami d'enfance de l'héroïne, qui est amoureux d'elle.

    ღDes groupies enragées, l'héroïne se fait souvent maltraiter par des filles jalouses qui ne supportent pas leur relation. Le héros arrive souvent aux bons moments pour la secourir.

    ღUne scène triste sous la pluie avec larmes en option...

    ღ' Un moment ou il pleut et l'un des deux personnages principaux a oublier son parapluie, et comme par hasard son amoureux le/la raccompagne.


    Si vous avez d'autres idées n'hésité pas à les faire partagé ;)

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    Samedi 23 Août 2014 à 19:17

     j'avoue c'est trop ça hihihi! Un peu à l'eau de rose,mais au fond j'adore ça^^

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