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Location villa de charme - Guadeloupe - Villa Madras


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November 28, 2017

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    Roccafarm Glauco Zally

    (Glauco x Fever)

    Jr. Champion Oldebroek '14

    Reg No.



    December 22, 2012

    Genomic Result

    US 08/17 GTPI +1554 / NM $ -116 / PTAT +0.78 [ Details ]


    • 1st place & Jr. Champion Regional Show Oldebroek 2014
    • Glauco x Fever x Lou x Mandel Zandra EX-96!
    • From 4 generations EXCELLENT
    • Same family as Ocean-View Zenith
    • Goes back on the famous brood cow, Ocean-View Mandel Zandra EX-95-USA


    Toc-Farm Duplex GLAUCO
    Roccafarm Fever Zafire GP-83-BE 2yr.
    La1 (Proj) 305d 9.974kgM 3.5% 347F 3.4% 334P
    • From 4 generations of Excellent
    Crackholm FEVER
    Roccafarm Lou Zandra
    • She was a very promising young Cow who unfortunately died due a barn accident!
    Jenny-Lou Marshall P149-ET
    Ocean-View Mandel Zandra EX-95-USA 2E GMD DOM
    2.05 305d 10.183kgM 4.5% 458F 3.1% 316P
    3.09 305d 14.651kgM 4.1% 601F 3.2% 469P
    5.07 305d 14.021kgM 4.3% 603F 3.4% 477P
    • Dam to the proven bull Ocean-View ZENITH
    • Res. All-American Best Three Female '98 & '02 & 1st Aged Cow Spring National '02
    • 1st Jr. 2-Yr. Old Fall Western National '98
    • Champion Bred & Owned Fall Western Spring National & Res. Sr. Champion California State Show '00

    Next Dams

    4th Moore-Farms Sexy Zandra EX-92-USA 4yr. GMD
    5th Moore-Farms Valiant Smurf EX-90-USA 6yr. GMD DOM
    6th Moore-Farms Snooty Elevation EX-91-USA 6E
    7th Moore-Farms Fond Snoop VG-86-USA 6yr.

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    Kick: Desire it? Deserve it


    Genre: Salman Khan

    Director: Producer Sajid Nadiadwala

    Cast: Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mithun Chakraborty

    Storyline: A guy who does things just for kicks decides to become a Dhoom villain

    Bottomline: Bhaisexuals can watch it for kicks, the rest of us are going to come out feeling one

    “Main dil main aata hoon, samajh main nahin,” goes the sparkling quip (we can bet Rajat Arora wrote that line) that explains not just the character or the film but the entire Bhai phenomenon… Since no translation can do that line justice, suffice to say Bhai is not someone the mind will accept but someone the heart will embrace.

    Producer-turned-director Sajid Nadiadwala’s debut Kick is a deep post-postmodern metaphorical manifestation of the dichotomous paradoxes of modern day business models th1xM@^Mthe art, mind and pop culture. This parable of our ever-changing morality is a study of iconography that debunks and deconstructs every myth associated with heroes and villains.

    Does a hero remain a hero if he has a woman’s name? A Goddess’s name, at that. Does he become evil if he were to change his name to the Devil? Does the villain become a hero if his company is called Angel?

    Now, consider that Salman Khan is Devi, the anti-protagonist who the psychiatrist heroine finds impossible to understand. He is the epitome of badassery. He readily goes to jail (everyone in the lock-up is of course, a huge Bhai fan – he’s a role model). He gets hammered with his Dad, the baap of B-movies (Mithun, of course) so much that the girl needs to carry them home and the mother needs to wake him up with the smell of alcohol even to feed him milk. He relentlessly stalks the girl and after being told off, goes on to lecture onlookers of an harassment in progress for not fighting eve-teasers (these delicious moments where irony kicks you in the face are what makes Kick a gobsmack of a film… nay, festival). And to help the poor, the anti-protagonist becomes DeviL, the anti-antagonist.

    Kick is a single independent filmmaker’s visionary attempt to infiltrate and subvert the system that requires the amoral star’s persona to draw in the masses and to smuggle art in the guise of entertainment, a means to provide big fat pay cheques to everyone from skinny foreign import starlets Jacqueline Fernandes and Nargis Fakhri to versatile homegrown arthouse actors – Sanjay Mishra and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

    It’s a critic’s delight to note and applaud the cheeky roles assigned to these terrific actors. If Sanjay Mishra plays an unkempt policeman, a watchdog of the system (pop culture police, get it?) Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who has struggled to keep his family afloat for nearly two decades in showbiz, plays one of the richest men in the world and the hammy villain of the piece. If you want to be rich, you need to do this necessary evil.

    It’s certainly not the kind of space where an actor of his calibre can breathe. Hence, the director gives the character an asthmatic laugh (it is a built-in joke that laughs at the system from within, a point further substantiated when the villain listens to the hero’s ridiculous motivations to turn into a thief and gives up on his punch-line halfway and asks his men to just kill him). And before you know it, everyone in the hall is applauding Nawaz and not Salman.

    So while the paradox is of the highest paid star playing a thief called Devil robbing the arthouse actor who runs the Angel group, the critics are represented by Randeep Hooda (sly smiling throughout), who wants to kill the star on a robbing spree (in other words, box-office hit spree).

    Yes, it is a very loyal remake of the equally mind-numbing Telugu flick of the same name. Anyone could have remade it by hiring the best technicians in the business but full credit to the producer Sajid Nadiadwala for assembling this cast and crew (Even Chetan Bhagat got paid for something) to tell us the story of Indian mainstream cinema itself in this scale.

    Kick is thus at once esoterically emblematic of our times and succinctly sensible cinema that will enthrall your… Hahahaha! Gotcha. You almost bought it, didn’t you?

    The film’s downright stupid, a guilty pleasure at best – that once again has Salman Khan do his thing you’ve seen before. No matter what the reviews say, you’re going to go watch it.

    So why all the analysis? They pretended to make a film. This critic pretended to review it. For kicks.

    Kochadaiiyaan: Amar Chitra Katha 3D


    Amar Chitra Katha. Comics we grew up with, with rich illustrations of stories of kings, wars and moral instructions, now in 3D, with the spirit of Rajinikanth. That should have been the peg. Kochadaiiyaan would have lived up to that promise.

    Because that’s what it really is – technology that makes actors Amar, Chitra that’s not shot with a camera and a good old-fashioned Katha. “Once upon a time, in the kingdom of….”

    Tintin and Avatar were possibly the worst examples the makers could have chosen to set the expectations. Simply because, though they were using motion capture technology, the makers here were working with considerably lower budgets, lesser time with half the number of cameras or markers used by those films to be able to generate that kind of data or detail.

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