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MINI Paceman JCW 2013: Launch Review Tweet

MINI’s hierarchy decided years ago that what it needed was a bigger version of the MINI, so it created the Countryman. Then it decided it needed a smaller version of the Countryman, so it created the Paceman.

Now the Paceman is a two-door MINI, just like the MINI hatch, the MINI Coupe and the MINI Clubman, but it rides higher on the Countryman’s stance and offers all-wheel drive.

It’s going to also get you 18-inch wheels and tyres, a tyre-pressure monitor, Dynamic Stability Control, Traction Control and an electronic front differential lock.

JCW versions are supposed to be harder and faster, but much of the spec list looks softer and heavier. That list would include Bluetooth connectivity, a USB socket, leather steering wheel, reversing sensors, climate control, heated seats, a glass sunroof that tilts and slides and automatic dimming for all three mirrors. There is also satnav, a central speedo and the MINI rail is standard.

The seventh JCW model is trending towards being the least focused of them all; with 1400kg of mass riding higher than ever in a JCW model.

It’s quite familiar everywhere else, with its converted front-drive architecture housing an all-wheel drive system, a turbocharged, 1.6-litre four-cylinder and choice of six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

The engine has long been a nice piece of kit, with 160kW of power being developed out of its 1598cc of direct-injected engine. It also boasts variable valve timing and a twin-scroll turbocharger and revs out to around 6300rpm, even if its best work finishes around 6000rpm.

That’s where it works out its power peak, and there are two different torque numbers it can bring to bear: either the standard 280Nm between 1900rpm and 5000rpm or the over-boosted, temporary figure of 300Nm between 2100 and 4500rpm.

Both of its transmissions are familiar items, though the electromagnetic centre differential for the all-wheel drive system has only been seen before in ALL4 Countryman and stock Paceman models.

There is the very familiar MacPherson strut front suspension system, which couples to a multi-link rear-end. Compared to even the Cooper S Paceman, the springs and dampers are stiffer, the bushes are stiffer and the

Published: Monday, March 25, 2013

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15f603e848bb21f2930001ae95af0e42 Teacher 221 Standard Grade Computing, Higher Information Systems 0 [email protected] Lourdes Herling af8b36e4f34c58ad957ec06ce3f5d731 Teacher 222 Computer Science, Computer Information Systems 0 [email protected] Ray Krachan 05feab7b9d42e91baa2a7f4b2982714b Teacher 64 Computing 0 [email protected] Graham Kelly 5acd97217e2d00f8c3e2b1cdbbdb3f96 Teacher 43 ICT, Computing Studies, Information Systems 0 [email protected] Allan Wilson 8f5c853566391602f1a56b305e1d9cd5 Teacher 228 Computing and Business Management 0 [email protected] Bobby Clark 12559043f1375aa08d1f551c7c9776b5 Teacher 228 Computing 0 [email protected] Anne Collins fd9b680e25247e7771d000c3a1c4b1af Principal Teacher 228 Computing 0 [email protected] Charles McWhirter 93b4870a3f0ba29fe3eedf6b30bd53f9 Teacher 227 Computing, Maths 0 [email protected] Gordon Milne 68f26a81667396b919c38bbc762e4c7e Teacher 227 Computing 0 [email protected] Stuart Caddell 67e6ee06c57a04f74923c6d3dfe951c0 Teacher 227 INT 1 & 2 COMP, H COMP, S2ICT, ECDL 0 [email protected] Carol Kinghorn 4b13374bfdc683fe8837a1894720628b Teacher 226 Computing 0 [email protected] Jim Jamieson 390e85ba42ab39311b5e1a47a5c9fa00 Principal Teacher 226 Computing 0 [email protected] Christine Glass 3c380cb8f7fe43d61fe2a2a20f13d407 Teacher 225 Computing 0 [email protected] Gillian Carroll 65dbe4817701ea1011af8285313048a4 Teacher 225 Computing 0 [email protected] Yvonne Ramsay 182bfb98276d94e3d183b492ce6fdd60 Teacher 83 Computing 0 [email protected] R Moult 9623a97e4dde8e75915c6860baa3dc1a <blank> 64 <blank> 0 [email protected] Colin Henderson 9fd2569479d33d23db74dfef0a70533a Teacher 223 computing -1 [email protected] Isabel Davidson <blank> NULL 223 NULL 0 [email protected] Leanne Wilson 984158bac3f3cbc174e94e7d60f37338 Teacher 224 Computing/Information Systems 0 [email protected] Angus McCormack 0295f9d2686f8e45469b92813fe4fa24 Teacher 224 Information Systems -1 [email protected] Stephen Brown <blank> NULL 224 NULL 0 [email protected] Bill Foster 4bd0010b7a4b7ab73f2e8a45c668ea7f Teacher 220 ICT, Computing Studies, Information Systems -1 [email protected] Lynn Ferrie <blank> NULL 216 NULL 2 [email protected] Paul Aikman 4555c46f53dfde31d834e88d790bc6e2 other 181 NULL 0 [email protected] Clare McInerney 6fcde7f42112cfa13c4bfe7fa29072aa other 229 Outreach at second-level 0 david[email protected] David Bethune 947751b348a5215cfacba3387ac02c68 other NULL Computing 0 [email protected] Alexei Zhyzhyn e8a2a30229628315f692b7465b11fba5 other 221 NULL 0 [email protected] Shahneila Saeed a3d47f5728f6c6cd1fa5151f654fccd5 Teacher 231 Computing & ICT 0 [email protected] M. Redmond 9e304a5f8e00a01efb038ec15e6c204d Teacher 38 Computing 0 [email protected] Fiona Jorgenson d41f7a5c190cbf36f898bc0a45fb70df Teacher 37 Computing 0 [email protected] Mary Syme 60d909e4cf3b346002aa56b549f1a512 Teacher 322 Computer Science 0 [email protected] Mary Rooney 926aa397d3ca93050110401fc713efe8 Principal Teacher 116 Computing, Information Systems 0 [email protected] Chris Bishop 1d47b15fe6006802ebcae6adff87a628 other 105 Computer Science 0 [email protected] mainoo smith 26db39fc42e6edb34b1ebb8f36b0b820 Teacher 232 maths, physics, chemistry, economics, computing 0 [email protected] Margaret Spiller cde0dcef92328f9c5a2ff300b26d6212 Teacher 234 Computer Science, Science 0 [email protected] LYNN MIDWINTER 23c38d7dd3906efc10b77cb13155b5b4 NULL 235 ICT, Computing A Level 0 [email protected] Gaurav Malik 0e81ee27ed98b5c3eaab3d23f3711373 other 236 Computing 0 [email protected] Neil McLean dfa8fbe11c5734ae94123124b637ed3f Principal Teacher 12 Computing and Information Systems 0 [email protected] Marjahan Begum 772eb9e62f97b1855386926da8c979be other 238 Computer Science 0 [email protected] Sue Ferguson dd85372042c0317fe68bda6c131231b9 Principal Teacher 179 Computing Information Systems 0 [email protected] Helen Boyle ff33521a0864da6da3bbf9b95994e4a1 other 239 Computing & ICT 0 [email protected] Fiona Sabba cff4fa679ba3c57dee674a58b76d12f2 Teacher 240 Computing 0 [email protected] Helen Treharne f8eb563d0b084d6c344bd3a19e784126 other 241 Computer Science 0 [email protected] John Haughey 1d01384154bc50ecef7edf07a2bec214 Principal Teacher 242 Computing 0 [email protected] Maeve Paris 92b4eee35214121a0237eb9122d67290 other 243 Computer Science 0 [email protected] David Walsh 1c6a6f942368d690c3cba37b7b0eef6a Teacher 245 ICT 0 [email protected] Judith McColgan 4177ac7fa55e7fec2bbb2e9147907607 Teacher 79 Computing 0 [email protected] Ed Morgan 1be8c815ad120f8900da0fcaed314fac Teacher 246 Computing 0 [email protected] Dale S Henry 05501debd01b2f9c4d4a70a8c2673b11 Principal Teacher 247 Computing 0 [email protected] Teresa Summers 89ac65e431f515e3b11ae5991f13c5f2 Principal Teacher 252 Computing & Information Systems 0 [email protected] Paula Johsnton 448d2b45f7bfbf7761ab0379eee920c9 Teacher 299 Computing 0 [email protected] Marianne Halferty a5169bf899983e6cb3046099f0186be8 Teacher 249 Computing All Levels 0 [email protected] David Byars 925e5da549b55cf2b8e28f1064850355 other 117 Computing, Bus Ed, Info Sys, Technology, ICT -1 [email protected] Lynn Cuthbertso