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PANDORA Moments Smooth PANDORA Rose Clasp Bracelet 580728

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OVER £75

By popular demand, PANDORA has introduced their classic, smooth bracelet in the sensational PANDORA rose metal blend. For simple elegance, wear this stunning interpretation on its own, or personalise it with your favourite selection of charms. Crafted from 14ct rose gold plated rose and with a round, branded clasp.

PANDORA gives you the perfect excuse to treat those loved ones who deserve to be spoilt! Gorgeous sterling silver and 14ct gold designs deliver a timeless array of precious pieces which are sure to be loved by everyone. Choose a little something special for all those unforgettable moments which deserve celebrating.



14ct Rose Gold Plated Rose

Presented in official PANDORA packaging

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Pandora bracelets... are they worth the money?

(44 Posts)
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BornAgainBitch Sun 08-May-11 14:27:24

OK, so I am talking about the gold ones as I can only wear gold.

I was looking at them yesterday, and to be honest I was quite shocked at the prices. The bracelet alone with nothing on it was about GBP 1,000 (I'm abroad, hence the approximation). Then the charms were about GBP 400 each. The girl at the counter was explaining to me that you should get given one at every birthday, Christmas and life event (having a baby, etc.). However, if my DH bought me a 400 quid charm, there is no way he would get me anything else. He is a bit of a tight wad, though grin

Anyway, I am not even sure if I like them, but feel strangely drawn towards them. Can anybody who has one share their experiences?

Thanks smile

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ohmyfucksy Sun 08-May-11 14:31:03

I haven't got one, but I don't personally think they're worth the money. You could get something nicer and less ubiquitous for less

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Happymm Sun 08-May-11 14:34:38

I have an knockoffalternative version. It is nice, and can get charms anywhere for varying prices. But if you want a real one, that is a huge amount of cash-they are not so pricey in the UK. The leather ones are £60ish. Gold approx£250? Charms are £40-100.

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catsareevil Sun 08-May-11 14:38:58

The gold bracelets on the UK website are around £1100-1300, and gold charms are £1-400.
It seems too much to me, but I dont like Pandora anyway.

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tulpe Sun 08-May-11 15:56:19

I have a Lovelinks bracelet which I think is the same as Pandora but perhaps not quite as expensive? Mine is silver and was a gift from my friend for my 40th. DCs and a few friends also bought me charms for my birthday. I was a bit hmm about them before but actually I really like them now. They are very popular.

TBH, I wouldn't spend £1K+ on a gold one though. I would buy something more individual.

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Tortington Sun 08-May-11 15:57:06

hey are just wrong

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pointydog Sun 08-May-11 16:09:50

No. They are overpriced because they are popular.

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CoffeeMum Sun 08-May-11 16:11:59

I'm not keen, though i do love charm bracelets in general. I would worry that because they seem to be a 'big thing', they will have their time in the sun, and then be out of style? I'd rather get something more individual, as others have said.

As for the salesgirl saying you 'should get a charm for every life event' - erm, piss off, how prescribed is that?! It smacks of the dreaded 'push present' for having a baby as far as i'm concerned. Sure, you might decide to get one every birthday, but who wants to be TOLD to do that? Bizarre!

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ohmyfucksy Sun 08-May-11 21:09:39

I also think they will date quickly.

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mistressploppy Sun 08-May-11 21:19:41

Wait a bit. The gold Pandora stuff is actually due to go down in price from July (in the UK only though). Try here

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wendihouse22 Sun 08-May-11 22:13:58

Oh? Why is the gold Pandora being reduced??

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DoubleDegreeStudent Sun 08-May-11 22:18:00

I think it depends how much you like the charms. I have the (silver) Pandora charm bracelet but I wear it just as a plain silver bracelet without the charms on. I love it like that - I'd feel a bit hmm with the beady charm things on I think. They just aren't very me and I think they are very overpriced for what they are.

Having said that, I have been lusting after a normal charm bracelet for ages (my old one fell off down a drain 7 years ago and I'm only just plucking up the courage to buy something that can be so sentimental, iyswim) and finally treated myself to a Links one (just a normal chain one) which can have any charms put on.

I'm not sure about the Pandora quality - I suspect they are vastly overpriced. If you just want a bracelet you can have charms on, I would get a normal one as you'll have more choice (and for that sort of money I suspect you could get a really good quality one?), but you say you are drawn to them and if it is the beady aspect that you like then it maybe is worth the money. Why not go back to the counter and try the bracelet on with a few charms on. I suspect they feel quite different with things added to them, and that is what puts me off.

Personally, I'd spend the money on a normal charm bracelet.

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expatinscotland Sun 08-May-11 22:21:53

I'd get a Tiffany one before I got a Pandora. Not my cuppa tea. Or a Links one.

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5DollarShake Mon 09-May-11 03:36:23

Why would you spend all that money to get something every other person has? hmm I am genuinely perplexed by this. If you have that sort of money to spend, and given that the world is over-run by jewellery-makers these days, why oh why wouldn't you buy something unique? confused

And as for...

"The girl at the counter was explaining to me that you should get given one at every birthday, Christmas and life event"

...that just sums up everything that is wrong with them. They are nowt but a mechanism for getting people to part with their cash, in vast sums, on frequent occasions. Daft. IMO.

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BornAgainBitch Mon 09-May-11 03:49:53

I guess I quite liked the idea of adding the charms as you go through life. My DH has never been very good at present buying so this would make it easier for him.

I had a look at the Tiffany ones, but they are just as expensive.

I dunno... I've had a really shit year and feel that I deserve a present grin

Will charm bracelets ever go out of fashion, do you think?

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Slightlyreluctantexpat Mon 09-May-11 03:51:51

Hmmm. I know someone who has a gold one with a lot of the charmy things on it. I guessed it must be expensive because she is quite open about her wealth (did you see how I wrote that in a non-judgy way? I write more nicely than I think grin).

They look very pretty but I guess that they are a bit of a signal to others - what they say is, LOOK HOW MUCH I SPENT ON THIS CURRENTLY POPULAR BIT OF JEWELLERY.

If if if if I were going to spend thousands on a bit of jewellery, I'd buy something a bit more unusual. Something that would outlast a fad. Actually though, I think I'd buy a painting or a holiday or a car.

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Slightlyreluctantexpat Mon 09-May-11 03:54:53

Oh, x-posted with you, OP.

Where in the world are you? It's nearly 11am here - but most of MN is asleep!

I DO understand the "deserving a present" thing - and my DH is no good at all at present buying either, but I don't think he'd buy into this kind of marketing (Pandora).

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BornAgainBitch Mon 09-May-11 03:59:13

I'm in Dubai. How about you?

Yeah, I think my DH would be equally cynical, tbh grin

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Slightlyreluctantexpat Mon 09-May-11 04:06:44


My DH gave me his old phone as a 50th birthday present, fgs. Initially I was completely irritated (in fact shock) but it was only 6 months old, is a good smartphone, and he was about to get a work blackberry. Good phone, but not an inspired present.

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BornAgainBitch Mon 09-May-11 04:14:39

That's a pretty crap present, if you don't mind me saying so. Especially for your 50th. Although I think that men are just not very good at choosing presents, unless they're gay, of course.

Saying that, my in-laws gave me a broken watch that they'd found in a box of old metal bits and pieces for my birthday a couple of years ago grin

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Slightlyreluctantexpat Mon 09-May-11 04:29:29

Aha, my DH would like your in-laws! They were really giving you a little project - they thought you might like the challenge of fixing the thing!

I've always known DH was rubbish at presents. He just daren't be impulsive and possibly waste any money. He talks himself out of any lovely ideas he might have. I particularly hate the conversations that goes along the lines of, "I bought you this insignificant and cheap present and I looked at loads of other nicer but more expensive things but I couldn't decide what you'd like". Think I'm going to issue a list in future. grin

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BornAgainBitch Mon 09-May-11 04:34:10

I always give my DH a list, otherwise I wouldn't get anything at all. I am not a 'Shop 'til you Drop' kind of girl, so I look forward to receiving nice things on birthdays and Christmas.

Yeah, my in-laws... the bloody thing was broken and when I put it on and went outside, a bit fell off. In spite of MIL and DH spending 2 hours walking the streets, they couldn't find it. I told FIL not to worry - we could find a replacement and he's like, "ah, but not of the same quality". The watches are less than a fiver new on eBay, FFS grin

Actually, they didn't get me anything for my last birthday, so perhaps I should be grateful for the broken watch hmm

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barbie1 Mon 09-May-11 05:08:25

Hi bornagainbitch Im also in Dubai!

If i were you i would have something made, something that you totally love and is unique to you. It's rude not too with all the jewelry shops here wink

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barbie1 Mon 09-May-11 05:13:40

I wear a pandora, but its the white leather one that wraps around twice, i have only a few charms, nothing dangly so its doesnt look like the typical PANDORA iyswim? I like it this way. I can get more bead for gifts from family/ friends but i wouldn't put them all on all the same time.

They are very overpriced over here though, troll beads tend to be cheaper and they are more freely available too.

slightlyreluctantexpat Can i be a pita and ask where abouts in Malaysia you are? Dh has been offered a move to KL and i have no idea what to expect!

(sorry for hijack!)

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ninedragons Mon 09-May-11 05:14:13

That does seem overpriced for what they are. In five years the trend will be so over that it'll just sit in the bottom of your jewellery box and the scrap value will be so little compared to what you paid for it that it'll annoy you every time you see it.

You could get something pretty fab for GBP1000, either something antique or something handmade (Etsy has gorgeous artisan stuff). If you've got the whole of Dubai to choose from I think you could do a lot better with your money.

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