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2013 Civic Sedan EX w/Leather & Navigation 5 Speed Automatic

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How do I download Pandora on my iPhone?
< rgfrnkqw. pandora Online-Shopp> You can visit the App Store on your phone to download the Pandora app.

I downloaded the Pandora app but it’s not playing music through the vehicle.

First you must create an account on Pandora. Next, sign in to the application and add an artist or genre in order to listen to the streaming music. To be sure Pandora is playing correctly, start streaming[1] music on your phone[2]. Then connect your USB cable and ensure the Pandora source is selected on the audio system .

[1] Your wireless carrier's rate plans apply.
[2] Phones are not included.

I don’t own a USB compatible phone. Can I still listen to Pandora through my vehicle’s audio system?

If your phone is Bluetooth®-compatible, you can still stream music from the Pandora app through Bluetooth® Audio using the controls on your phone, but you will not be able to use the interface built into the vehicle.

I can hear Pandora’s music but the vehicle’s screen doesn’t show the station lists or thumbs up/down.

You may be listening to Pandora over Bluetooth Audio instead of through your USB. You need to connect the USB and select the iPod on the head unit to stream Pandora music through the USB.

While listening to Pandora, I make a phone call and then end the call but the iPhone’s iPod music begins to play instead of Pandora.

Update your phone’s software to resolve this issue.

I have an iPhone but don’t want to install the Pandora application. Every time I connect via USB to listen to the iPod or charge my phone, I get a message asking to load the application.

The dealer has the ability to turn off the application request from the vehicle. Please see your local dealer for details.

When I first turn on the car, after 10 seconds, Pandora music stops playing but it’s connected via USB and the Source is USB.

The likely cause is the Bluetooth connection was established by the vehicle and the iPhone routed the audio to the Bluetooth connection. Unplug the USB connector and reconnect. This should reestablish the phone’s connection to the dock connector.

I’m having trouble with the Pandora app (can’t log in, forgot password, etc.).

Please visit www.Pandora.com for application troubleshooting assistance.

pandora dealer locator

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