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Twittar qpucnfvt. charm madra pandora
 Oculos de S... Oculos de Sol Michael Kors Pandora MK1015 11297P 58 código: 1233384
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US$ 122,00
R$ 402,60
 Essencia So... Essencia Social Smoke Pandora's Box 100GR código: 332262
Apresenta um ótimo sabor em um corte grande e longo.Fumo de fácil preparo, c...
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US$ 8,00
R$ 26,40

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Pandora - Anel Pandora

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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you as I have come across an issue with your company which I wish to resolve with immediate effect.
My husband purchased one of your rings from Rolin Jewellery shop in Ericeria.
Within time a piece fell off the ring came apart and as it was still within the time guarantee, I returned it to the shop.
The owner sent it to Pandora and paid to get it fixed.
Weeks later, the piece came apart again and this time I lost the piece. When I returned the ring , the owner informed me that I would have to take it to the shop as he did not have a spare piece for it to be replaced.
I took it to the Pandora branch in Sintra Forum and the ring was sent away to be fixed once more. As the ring was under guarantee still, the shop assistant said that they could give me another piece for the ring however I would have to pay 27.10 euros charge for it to be fixed.
I refused to pay this amount on a ring which is under guarantee so asked for the pieces to be returned to me. The answer I received was that they will only do so once I have paid the amount to be fixed.
I am disappointed to be treated in this way as I have been a Pandora customer for many years.
I hope this matter is dealt immediately and efficiently as wouldn't expect something else from such a well named company and which i have been your customer for many years.
I look forward to hearing from you very soon.
Charmaine Evans Romeiras


em 2017-10-03 15:29 Dear Mrs. Charmaine Evans Romeiras,

We would like to clarify that silver is a noble metal with several characteristics that define it, among them, strength and durability, as well as malleability.
However, these features, depending on the care and daily treatment you have, may or may not represent and contribute to a longer life expectancy of your jewelry.
After the analysis of your ring by our Technical Service, with the repair number 24A / 1832, we can verify that it has no manufacturing defect, this part due to the possible excessive force that may have been exerted on it.
We also inform you that the damages in your article (crooked ring) also do not result from any manufacturing defect of the same and therefore are not covered by the guarantee, and that is why you were informed that the article could not be covered by the same , as evidenced by the guarantee statement:

"Excluded from warranty are materials subject to rupture, loss, theft, deterioration, oxidation, defects caused by blows, including deformations caused by daily and / or improper use (eg rings and slaves), improper handling, modifications of the original product, unauthorized Repairs. Accidents or normal wear and tear and even damage caused by use or in conjunction with other non-Pandora products.

As a result, the estimated consumer has been advised of a repair budget for his ring.

However, because we work to the satisfaction of our esteemed consumers, we inform that the cost of repairing your ring is ours, but the ring indebtedness (12,50 €) will have to be paid by the consumer.

Thank you for your attention.
Equipa Pandora
Charmaine Evans Romeiras
Charmaine Evans Romeiras em 2017-10-17 10:28 Please send my ring fixed and I will pay the value of 12.50 Euros to the shop I left it in.

I will never buy a Pandora product again.

Kind regards
Charmaine Evans Romeiras
em 2017-10-25 09:39 Dear Mrs. Charmaine Evans Romeiras,

Our Technical Service, will proceed with the repair of your ring.

Thank you for your attention.
Equipa Pandora



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