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22 Ways to Use Pansies & Violas in Containers

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Thriller, Filler, Spiller

A cone-shaped, evergreen arborvitae works perfectly as an attention-grabbing thriller. To brighten up the look of your container, fill up the pot with multi-colored ‘Pandora’s Box’ pansies and have variegated English ivy spill over the sides for a dramatic visual.

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Stacked Glazed Pots

A warm autumnal welcome of ‘Orange Matrix’ and ‘Delta Orange with Blotch’ pansies, mixed with ‘Penny Orange’ violas. Wheat grass, violas and English ivy fill the middle pot of the arrangement.

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What's In the Window?

Winter days have you feeling gloomy? Bring happiness inside with just a few snips. Pair vintage purple bottles with these ‘Violet Picotee’ panolas. (What’s a panola? A pansy crossed with a viola.) You'll love the fragrance!

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Stacked Bucket Centerpiece

Gather two galvanized buckets. Plant the smaller one with violas and parsley. Tuck more violas and creeping Jenny around the edges of the larger one, and stack.

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Classic Containers

‘Majectic Giants Yellow with Blotch’ and ‘Delta Pure Yellow’ pansies come together in an impressive arrangement that anyone can create.