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What are Authorized Pandora Jewelry Retailers? | pandora earrings online

    • What are Authorized Pandora Jewelry Retailers?

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      As mentioned in Pandora Jewelry History p mjsvbljg. pandora butik onlineost, Pandora jewelry is created in Denmark and then supplied to all other countries. Interesting fact is that Pandora jewelry cannot be sold on a store that is not authorized to do so. This is to maintain the quality of brand. From these licensed and authorised retailers you can buy original and genuine Pandora products without any doubt.

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      Currently there are more than 10,300 authorized Pandora jewelry retailers all over the world. Most of these retailers are present in United States. Around 2500 stores and retailers are located inside United States. Rest of retailers are present in other countries. For complete list of countries where Pandora jewelry is sold visit Pandora store locator page.

      Authorised Pandora Jewelry Retailers Image

      How to Confirm Whether a Retailer is Authorized Pandora Retailer or Not?

      It is really easy to find whether a store is a licensed retailer or not. You just need to visit authorized Pandora jewelry website to confirm this. Pandora has mentioned all stores on their website that are licensed retailers. If you cannot find the name and address of a retailer on their website, it is better not to buy any product from them.

      Are There any Online Authorized Pandora Jewelry Retailers?

      Yes, there are many authorized retailers who also have created their online stores where they sell Pandora jewelry. Please note that it is necessary to have a physical store for every retailer but every retailer may not have an online store. To spot whether an online store is really selling genuine Pandora products or not, you need to visit Pandora website and check their details.

      Should You Buy Pandora Jewelry from online Auction Websites?

      It is always better to avoid online auction websites if you want to buy genuine Pandora products. Always and only purchase from authorized online or offline retailers. On auction websites, most of the products are not original and you may lose your money. But sometimes, some people may want to sell their old Pandora jewelry charms, bracelets, necklaces etc at reduced prices. In those cases, you may get original products. But you should buy at your own risk.

      What are Benefits of Buying From Licensed Pandora Retailers?

      There are 3 main advantages:

      • You will get genuine products made from original materials.
      • You will get full 1 year warranty on all products.
      • You will get occasional discounts, deals and free Pandora gifts.

      Is there any complete list of Authorized Retailers?

      Yes, we are building the database of all authorized Pandora stores on our website. Please check our Pandora locator section.

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    • What are Authorized Pandora Jewelry Retailers?

      (2 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)