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Nr kat. Nazwa Rasa Lokata Ocena Tytu
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Via Vittorio Merighi, 9
37138 Verona

tel. 045 594.088 (3 linee r.a.)
045 594.816

English version
essive tZOLOLt a good view from up there! We fed them bananas it was weird to have those trunks snif at you!!


IMG_1751.JPG Then we walked through the jungle, stopped at a nice waterfall to cool down and headed to a small tribe in the mountains. There were 2 children, one about nine, the other maybe 2. We gave them balloons and showed them how to make noises! The look on their faces… priceless!! They were laughing their heads off it’s was so moving!!

The condition of children in Thailand is quite sad… some, like those two, don’t get to go to school, others live on the streets (we saw a kid in Bangkok carrying his cardboard box to sleep somewhere), or are sent to sell flowers till about 2 in the morning… the first night we were in Chiang Mai, this girl, about 5, came up to us just showing us her flower necklaces, almost tears in her eyes, she could hardly speak… And you canAUULULref="http://ie.pensmontblanc.top/sucywkow">ポンプ
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25 Avr 2015

Bon plan et bonne adresse pour acheter les fameuses chaussures Louboutin à la semelle rouge un peu moins chères: déstockage ou magasin d'usine ?

Mi prix est un magasin de destockage de luxe des produits de collections précédentes. Chaque semaine, ce magasin écoule les stocks d’invendus des plus grosses marques. De superbes paires de chaussures Prada, Paul and Joe, et aussi Louboutin sont bradées.

Un conseil : passer leur un coup de téléphone au 01 48 28 42 48 afin de connaitre l’arrivage du mois.

27 bd Victor - 75015 Paris

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  1. Sonia dit :

    Pourrai je avoir votre adresse

  2. halhouli dit :

    Cest des vrai louboutin ou pas


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