Q: Why won't my sound work on my computer

I can't get my sound to work on my computer.



1) After installing Windows 7 - have you installed the newest audio drivers? If igtfpqhh. pandora jewnot download them from the manufacturers website, or if they don’t have any try Windows Update. Update driver for hardware that isn't working properly:

2) If you have external speakers - are they connected properly to the computer? If they need power are they plugged in? Are they turned on?

3) Have you set the correct sound device? Click Start, type: sound. Then click Sound under Control Panel. Then set the default sound device.

More options:

4) Is the sound device disabled?

A. Right-click the speaker icon on your taskbar

B. Select "Playback Devices"

C. In the white empty space right click and select both Show Disconnected/Disabled Devices

D. Do you see icons for your sound device now?

E. If you now see it you may need to right click on the correct sound device and select "Set as default device"

5) You can also try the troubleshooter to find any connection issues:

A. Click Start, then click Control Panel

B. Type troubleshooting in the top right search field and select Troubleshooting

C. Click Hardware and Sound, then select Playing Audio.


6) Also go through the two pages below:

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