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Free Ring Size Conversion Chart - US, UK & European Sizes pandora ringer online

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Home > Education & Buying Guide > Diamond Education, Engagement Ring Buying Guide > Ring Size Conversion Chart for US, UK & European Ring Sizes
Ring Size Conversion Chart for US, UK & European Ring Sizes

Convert You Ring Size – Fast & Easy

Did you know that there are over half a dozen systems used all over the world for sizing jewelry rings?  It may seem confusing when the ring you bought while visiting Switzerland is a totally different size to the one you just chose at your local jeweler.  How can you be sure what your ring size is?  This becomes especially important when making a purchase from the growing online jewelry market.

At Mazal Diamond, we use the reliable European Standard Sizing unit for all of our rings.  We want to make the process confusion free – so if you have a ring size in a different unit, you can use our free conversion chart below or interactive feature to make the switch.  The interactive version appears on all individual jewelry pages as you shop.  Just click on Find My Size.  If your ring standard doesn’t appear, contact us and we will be happy to do the calculation.

Don’t know your ring size?  We’ve got the solution.  Visit how to size rings and we’ll show you 2 easy ways to figure it out.  To learn more about international sizing, continue reading below this chart.



The first major component in the size comes from whether it is measured in terms of diameter or circumference.  Sounds technical?  Diameter measures the inside circle from side to side.  A measurement taken from across the inside of your ring is a diameter measurement.  The circumference is a measurement of the full outside circle arch – (In case you’re wondering, it’s worked out as the diameter multiplied by “pi” or 3.14159….).  – This is why when you measure around your finger you will be giving a circumference measurement.


The second thing to consider when viewing this chart is whether the measurement is given in inches (in) such as in the USA and Canada or in millimeters (mm) such as in European countries.


The third and most confusing part is how the particular country or region chooses to assign sizes to measurements.

§  In the United States and Canada, ring sizes are specified from inches using a numerical scale, with quarter and half sizes. E.g. 0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4…..

§  France, allocates ring sizes from mm using a numerical scale with half sizes while Switzerland, also gives quarter sizes. E.g. 1, 1.25, 2.5, 3.75

§  The UK system (Ireland, United Kingdom and Australia) created an alphabetical scale, with half sizes. EG. A, A1/2, B, B1/2…

§  In Japan and China, a numerical scale is given with whole sizes but it does not have straightforward correlation to diameter nor circumference. E.g. 1, 2, 3, 4….

§  The European Standard gives sizes using actual internal circumference in mm.  This is also the recognized sizing of the ISO – International Organization for Standardization. E.g.40 &1/2, 41 & 1/8, 47 & 3/4

§  The German sizing uses inside diameter in mm. E.g. 12 &3/4, 13, 13& 1/4…

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2 Responses to “Ring Size Conversion Chart for US, UK & European Ring Sizes”

  1. by Emily Addison on December 8, 2011 at 4:06 am

    Cool post. Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. by DiamondWriter on December 8, 2011 at 9:30 am

    Thanks Emily. If you have any more questions about ring conversion, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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No sound coming from speaker on my iPhone how to fix

No sound coming from my iPhone

If you have no sound coming from your iPhone it is unbelievably frustrating as you most probably already know. I have been looking for solutions, cures, fixes over the web there are many out there, below you will find a list of  some of the solutions.

The symptoms of iPhone no sound Problem/ Issues include:
– iPhone will ring but speaker will not work for anything else.
– iPhone no sound at all for calls, apps, music etc
– iPhone no sound as stuck in headphone mode
Follow these steps and hopefully your iPhone will be back to its prior glory.

iPhone No Sound Step 1,

Loud/ Silent switch on exterior of iPhone is switched to silent mode which is orange. If so flick the other way to loud mode. This is a step that so many people miss, but it is the most simplest.

iPhone No Sound Step 2,

Restart the iPhone. Hold the power switch and home button together for 10 seconds. This will restart your iPhone, you wil not lose any media, contacts, data, etc. If there is a temporary glitch on the iPhone this will eliminate that glitch.

iPhone No Sound Step 3,

Reset iPhone. Go to settings> general> reset> reset all settings. This will not loose any data, media contacts etc. This is a follow on to step 2 and another way you will be able to eliminate the glitch on the iPhone.

If none of these steps were helpful you can see the full list here from my other page iPhone No Sound.

You can also watch this video below which has a full list of fixes and steps on how to fix the no sound issue on the iPhone.

iPhone No Sound step 4,

iphone no sound

This seems to be a growing glitch on the iPhone that is causing no sounds problems.To eliminate this glitch go into settings then put air plane mode on for about 5 minutes. After that is done toggle air plane mode on and off for 1 minute. Then restart the iPhone by pressing the home and power button at the same time for 10 seconds.

iPhone No Sound step 5,

Another very successful method is squeezing the bottom right hand corner of the iPhone, yes this sounds very strange but turns out to be one of the best fixes for the iPhone. Squeeze this area between your two fingers for about 20 seconds at a time. By doing this you may reconnect the speaker connectors which may have disconnected. There is no need to worry about the left hand side as that is allocated for the mic unless your having mic issues.


iPhone No Sound step 6,

Use a toothbrush or a similar item with stiff plastic bristles, once you have found one clean the docking/ charging port of the iPhone. Be sure to get the bristles in thoroughly and use a bit of force when doing so. This will remove or dislodge any dirt/ grime/ dust/ sand etc from the port. When the charging port gets dirty in can block the connectors which can trick the iPhone into thinking its connected to a music dock and won’t be able to play sound or music.


iPhone No Sound step 7,

Similar to the above step with cleaning the charging dock, you can repeat the method but on the headphone jack port located either on the top or bottom of your iPhone depending on the model. By doing this you will dislodge and dirt or grime from the headphone port. Another successful extension of this step is by inserting your headphones in then removing them straightaway. Sometimes when headphones are inserted but not removed correctly the iPhone will still play sound through that audio source which isn’t present.


iPhone No Sound step 8,

This step was recommended by some of the commenters which has shown to be successful. By going into Settings > Bluetooth > Toggle on and off for 30 seconds. There have been reports when spawning between bluetooth audio sources such as music docks or car speakers there may be some glitches when reverting back to the iPhone speakers. By toggling the iPhone bluetooth switch this will eliminate any temporary glitches.


iPhone No Sound step 9,

If your iPhone has come into contact with any humidity, moisture or water they may be a correlation between that and no sound or volume coming through on your iPhone. To remove the moisture you can put your iPhone in a container of rice for 24 hours. Make sure that the iPhone is turned off and the sim card is removed before doing this.


iPhone No Sound step 10,

Similar to the above step by eliminating any moisture that may be trapped in the iPhone. You can get a hairdryer and then apply heat to the iPhone in the bottom right hand corner where the speakers is located. Have the hairdryer on the lowest heat setting and at a fair distance so the iPhone doesn’t overheat. Repeat this step several times.


If any of these solutions or fixes have worked for you please share your experience below as it all helps

Bearish Pandora For the Wrong Reasons

It should be investing 101: Be sure to support your bear case with bonafide reasons to be bearish.
Bearish Pandora For the Wrong Reasons

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Of all the companies I follow, there has never been one more misunderstood than Pandora (P). When I was bullish Pandora, I had to distance my take from bullish, yet very different arguments. Now that I'm bearish, I often do the same.

You must ensure the reasons you're bullish or bearish make sense in support of whatever conclusions you come to. Check yourself. Because, if you don't and your reasons might not logically lead to your conclusion. Worse yet you could be merely co-opting consensus arguments to support your preconceived and desired outcome. This can make for particularly risky investing. Sometimes you'll be wrong and end up right anyway. But that's not a good habit to fall into.

Case in point -- an article published by TheStreet contributor David Meyers last Friday, Pandora's Got Static, Lost 53% in 6 Months.

In the article, Meyers (rightfully) gloats about being on the right side of Pandora stock. He laments moderating growth (which shouldn't come as a surprise; I've been telling you for years that growth would moderate at Pandora). Meyers goes on to make a statement that shows a misunderstanding of Pandora's core business model:

Ironically, Pandora boasted more listener hours this quarter. I fail to see the relevance in this. If the company doesn't have more listeners, it simply means old listeners are listening longer. I fail to see how that is at all beneficial in the long run. Maybe Pandora can squeeze in a few more commercials but that is not sustainable growth ( bold emphasis added).

That's like saying I can't get into Kate Upton because she's a redhead. There's just no legitimate nexus between the point Meyers made and his Pandora bearishness.

Investing and life lesson 101: If you "fail to see" something ask yourself why multiple times. Put yourself through the reflective and introspective ringer.

In this case, what Meyers fails to "see" are the basics of Pandora's primary business model.

Pandora derives a considerable share of its revenue selling what amounts to traditional radio advertising to agencies and national/regional/local companies accustomed to buying traditional radio advertising. That's been the approach since former Pandora CEO, the great Joe Kennedy, decided Pandora would be radio ... redefined. That's why Pandora has spent nearly all of its time aside from fighting the royalty fight building out a sales infrastructure, which includes feet on the ground, ratings that jibe with the ones traditional radio stations show advertisers and inclusion in the systems agencies use to automatically buy airtime.

In this world, the notion of "old listeners ... listening longer" absolutely matters. Back in the day, we called it TSL (time spent listening). It's something radio advertisers like to see because it shows them that your average listener sticks with you for enough quarter hours that they might actually hear (or see) some commercials. But, more importantly, it suggests your station or platform has loyal listeners. If there's loyalty, there's often trust. If there's trust and the proper ad gets served, some listeners will respond.

The end game -- Pandora sells clients effective advertising. They repeat. Others follow suit. When Pandora scaled out its business, it accomplished something massive. It can take custom audiences to advertisers -- large and small -- that are just as big as the audiences broadcast radio stations and clusters command. At some point, these pools of listeners will not grow as much in size as they used, but that's not Pandora's fault. It's an inevitability.

You have to understand something about how radio works to understand Pandora. If you don't, you'll "fail to see" the (staying) power of its core business model. And you'll be bearish for the wrong reasons.

I'm not bearish Pandora because it sells advertising like radio stations and groups do. I'm bearish because the company consumes itself with doing this and only this with respect to revenue generation. At some point, revenue growth will slow much the same way listener growth has. That's all good -- it's just the nature of the beast -- if you have cultivated other lines of revenue to keep your business humming like one we call an Internet/tech company with a $5 billion market cap. You can't act like Cumulus Media (CMLS) and expect an Amazon.com (AMZN) valuation.

While Pandora's recent deal with thousands of indie labels changes the game, it only does so within the confines of the music industry. Unless Pandora drastically reduces its royalty costs through these deals, there will be little impact on the bottom line. But, even if there is, these things -- like adding more commercials -- are just tweaks designed to maintain subsistence on the core business model. There's no Amazon-like aggression to enter other areas and generate even more revenue. If you're dynamic enough in this respect, you don't need profits. But if you're relatively dull, boring, static and hyper-focused on one thing, you need something else to keep trading like a high flyer.

Whether it's building out a data-driven business beyond targeted advertising sales or recognizing Pandora would be more powerful as part of another company, these guys need to do something to diversify and expand (and I don't mean internationally). There are tons of possibilities. If Pandora refuses to explore them -- or fails to execute -- you have reason to be bearish. But there's no reason to be bearish on the basis of the company's original business model alone. It's not the model itself that's the problem. It's what is not happening around it that is.

Follow @mynameisrocco

--Written by Rocco Pendola in Santa Monica, Calif.

Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. He lives in Santa Monica. Disclosure: TheStreet's editorial policy prohibits staff editors, reporters and analysts from holding positions in any individual stocks.

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Pandora Sells Off; Unemployment Numbers Aren't as Rosy as They Seem -- ICYMI

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Apple Rally Drives Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq to New Records

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