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Play Boxhead More Rooms

Boxhead More Rooms Controls | fullscreen

  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Space: Fire/Throw/Place
  • 0-9: Select weapon
  • P: Pause

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Boxhead More Rooms Game InfoYou are player number 9,739,328

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  • Game Information
  • Description: More Boxhead, more rooms, more zombie Kabooms!
  • Added On: February 8th, 2007
  • 4.08 out of 5
  • action
  • arcade
  • boxhead
  • shooting
  • zombie

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Paragon Trailer Introduces Zinx
14/07/17 20:23 | Category: General |
Epic Games has released a new Paragon video unveiling Zinx, a ranged attacker who utilizes her mana to be extremely durable and deal deadly damage over time to her enemies. Paragon is currently in free open beta for PlayStation 4 and PC.
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Serial Cleaner Released on Xbox One and Steam
14/07/17 20:19 | Category: Game Releases |
iFun4all and Curve Digital have announced that Serial Cleaner, a story-driven, fast-paced stealth/action game, characterized by a 1970s theme and aesthetics, is now available on Xbox One and Steam (PC, Mac and Linux). The protagonist is a professional cleaner, which means he takes care of cleaning up murder scenes by disposing bodies, covering up blood stains and hiding murder weapons and other incriminating evidence. He takes on jobs without asking questions, working shady assignments for the mafia, as well as helping out (for a fee of course) regular people, who for one reason or another, murdered somebody or unwillingly caused a lethal accident. The storyline revolves around a copycat killer, who commits murders similar to the latest highly-popularized killings that have taken the media by storm.
Serial Cleaner is a dynamic stealth game, in which the player needs to figure out how to pick the location clean of evidence, while not getting caught. Exploring, experimenting and fast paced decision making are the key words here. Getting caught and questioned would put a black mark on the protagonist's career and the environment is often crawling with itchy-fingered police officers accompanied by nosy bystanders. The game uses real-world data to modify gameplay according to the time of day in player's location.
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Tangledeep Heading to Steam Early Access, New Trailer
14/07/17 20:17 | Category: General |
Impact Gameworks has announced that Tangledeep is set to arrive on Steam Early Access next Wednesday, July 19 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is a dungeon-crawling tribute to the golden age of RPGs, inspired by the lush visuals and music of such classic games as Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. Players can approach the titular, ever-changing labyrinth in a myriad of ways, using the game's character job system and huge assortment of equipment to create a unique experience each playthrough.
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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Lost and Abandoned Gameplay Walkthrough
14/07/17 20:14 | Category: General |
2K and Firaxis Games have released another video for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen<, the expansion pack to the 2016 award-winning strategy title due to be available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 29, 2017. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expands upon the XCOM 2 campaign. ADVENT, in its bid to recapture the Commander, has deployed a deadly new enemy force called the "Chosen". To aid XCOM in its fight to liberate Earth, players will have access to three new resistance factions, each with their own Hero class.
The expansion also includes other new enemies, missions, environments and increased depth of strategic gameplay.
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Death Squared Released on Nintendow Switch, Launch Trailer
14/07/17 16:40 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: NS |
Death Squared is a cooperative puzzle game where user-controlled bots attempt to reach separate exits without accidentally killing each other. In Death Squared, bots must escape a laboratory without unwittingly triggering traps and sending a companion to the scrapyard in the sky. Both characters must reach their respective portals to complete a stage. Each level is a puzzle littered with hidden dangers. Traps are triggered by specific actions, so caution and strong communication are key to survival. Success often seems imminent before a level-ending surprise is activated, but respawns are instant. In Death Squared's laboratory, experimentation is encouraged.
Death Squared can be enjoyed by a single, two or four players, but the experience is at its best in multiplayer. Two bots can be split between two controllers or a duo can be put in the hands of one person, with each bot mapped to a separate joystick on the controller. Four-player opens a whole new set of levels, designed for a larger group and chaos.
Originally released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Death Squared is also available now on Nintendo Switch.
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DeadCore Released on Consoles, Launch Trailer
14/07/17 16:38 | Category: Game Releases |
Developed by 5-Bits Games and initially released for Windows, Mac and Linux, DeadCore is a platformer-FPS featuring various environmental puzzles. The main idea of the game is you must climb a gigantic tower as fast as possible while avoiding to be kicked down by its security system (robots, turrets...). On your way to the top, you will eventually figure out the truth behind this strange universe.
DeadCore is also available today on PS4 and Xbox One.
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Interstellar Transport Company Trailer
14/07/17 16:35 | Category: Game Announcements |
MT Worlds has released a video for Interstellar Transport Company, a tycoon / management game where players control a transportation company in space, supplying all of humanities needs as they spread throughout the galaxy. Players must manage ships, routes, colonies, finances and infrastructure to crush their rivals which can take the form of AI opponents or other human players via online multiplayer. The simulation uses a scientifically grounded galaxy generation algorithm which produces believable and fresh maps for every playthrough.
Interstellar Transport will arrive via Steam Early Access on August 16th.
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Devoid of Shadows Released, Gameplay Video
14/07/17 16:27 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: PC |
N-Game Studios and ArsLogica have announced that Devoid of Shadows, a 3D action-role-playing game in a vampires' fantasy world, is out now on Steam. In Devoid of Shadows, you will become the heir (or heiress) of Galidon, once the Kingdom

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California oil spill reporting guidelines pandora spill