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NRDC works to safeguard the earth and the natural systems on which all life depends. It’s a tall order. Here’s how you can help.

Don't let the Trump administration destroy the Clean Power Plan

Stop Congress from opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil companies

Tell your senators to save our marine monuments

Tell the EPA to protect bees from toxic pesticides and save our food supply

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Personal Action

8 Things You Can Do to Help NRDC Fight Trump’s Agenda

President Trump and the Republican-led Congress are poised to wipe out crucial environmental safeguards. Here’s how you can join the fight.

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How to Call Congress

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Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

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Block Big Polluters

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News!: James Cameron Spills Some Details on “The Land of Avatar”
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The symptoms

By 3 years old

Symptoms are evident from an early age. Babies are usually irritable from birth and may exhibit significant feeding problems.

They are slow to achieve expected developmental milestones. For example, by the age of eight months they still may not sit independently.

Many children with dyspraxia fail to go through the crawling stages, preferring to ‘bottom shuffle’ and then walk. They usually avoid tasks which require good manual dexterity.

Pre-school children – 3 to 5 year olds

If dyspraxia is not identified, problems can persist and affect the childís life at school. Increasing frustration and lowering of self-esteem can result.

Children with dyspraxia may demonstrate some of these types of behaviour:

  • Very high levels of motor activity, including feet swinging and tapping when seated, hand-clapping or twisting. Unable to stay still
  • High levels of excitability, with a loud/shrill voice
  • May be easily distressed and prone to temper tantrums
  • May constantly bump into objects and fall over
  • Hands flap when running
  • Difficulty with pedalling a tricycle or similar toy
  • Lack of any sense of danger (jumping from heights etc)
  • Continued messy eating. May prefer to eat with their fingers, frequently spill drinks
  • Avoidance of constructional toys, such as jigsaws or building blocks
  • Poor fine motor skills. Difficulty in holding a pencil or using scissors. Drawings may appear immature
  • Lack of imaginative play. May show little interest in ëdressing upí or in playing appropriately in a home corner or wendy house
  • Limited creative play
  • Isolation within the peer group. Rejected by peers, children may prefer adult company
  • Laterality (left- or right-handedness) still not established
  • Persistent language difficulties
  • Sensitive to sensory stimulation, including high levels of noise, tactile defensiveness, wearing new clothes
  • Limited response to verbal instruction. May be slow to respond and have problems with comprehension
  • Limited concentration. Tasks are often left unfinished

By 7 years old

Problems may include:

  • Difficulties in adapting to a structured school routine
  • Difficulties in Physical Education lessons
  • Slow at dressing. Unable to tie shoe laces
  • Barely legible handwriting
  • Immature drawing and copying skills
  • Limited concentration and poor listening skills
  • Literal use of language
  • Inability to remember more than two or three instructions at once
  • Slow completion of class work
  • Continued high levels of motor activity
  • Hand flapping or clapping when excited
  • Tendency to become easily distressed and emotional
  • Problems with co-ordinating a knife and fork
  • Inability to form relationships with other children
  • Sleeping difficulties, including wakefulness at night and nightmares
  • Reporting of physical symptoms, such as migraine, headaches, feeling sick

By 8 to 9 years old

Children with dyspraxia may have become disaffected with the education system.Handwriting is often a particular difficulty. By the time they reach secondary education their attendance record is often poor.

sa, le glamour à l’état pur

Keren Craig et Georgina Chapman, le duo britannique derrière Marchesa, a présenté samedi sa collection Prêt-à-Porter...

Publié le 14/09/2014

Les 15 collaborations de la rentrée

Célébrités, créateurs et marques se sont de nouveau associés pour cet automne-hiver 2014-2015 afin d’imaginer la...

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Un jour une photo

Louboutin prend son pied

Le 19 mai 2011, le créateur de la semelle rouge emblématique pose devant l'objectif de Baptiste Giroudon.

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Ouverture de la maison Berluti

Antoine Arnault inaugure sa nouvelle adresse

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Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe

Arthur et Nikos: duo d'enfer au cocktail

Arthur a déboulé en coup de vent au milieu d’une IWC-Saint-Exupery/IWC-Saint-Exupery/IWC-Saint-Exupery/IWC-Saint-Exupery/oklpwraj. louboutin pisos cristianosfoule d’invités qui découvraient ce palace métamorphosé par Olivia...

Publié le 29/10/2013
Fashion week de Paris

Alexandre Vauthier, la Haute Couture à l’état pur

Le Français présentait mardi sa collection Haute Couture Automne-Hiver 2013-2014.

Publié le 02/07/2013

Christian Louboutin ne voit plus rouge

En septembre, Christian Louboutin avait obtenu ce qu’il voulait: la reconnaissance par la justice de sa semelle...

Publié le 28/12/2012

Christian Louboutin offre son soulier "Cendrillon"

Publié le 28/09/2012

Blake Lively et Ryan Reynolds. Les dessous du mariage

Mariés en toute discrétion au début du mois, les deux acteurs restent toujours muets sur leur grande soirée....

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La robe de mariée de Blake Lively détaillée

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Blake Lively et Ryan Reynolds. Mariés en secret

Les acteurs se seraient dit «oui» ce weekend lors d’une cérémonie privée en Caroline du Sud. En couple depuis tout...

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Lanvin craque pour Ladurée

Lanvin a imaginé une boîte originale et des macarons avec la maison de pâtisserie Ladurée. 

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Louboutin, prince chausseur de Cendrillon

Christian Louboutin a revisité la célèbre pantoufle de verre de Cendrillon à l’occasion de la réédition en DVD du...

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Un jour avec les people: Mercredi 20 juin 2012

Toute l'actualité people du jour avec: Russell Brand, Emma Stone, Johnny Depp et Vanessa Paradis, Kim Kardashian,...

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Le couple West-Kardashian detesté par PETA

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Louboutin bat la semelle

Christian Louboutin a une fois de plus échoué à faire reconnaître son monopole sur ses fameuses semelles rouges....

Publié le 13/06/2012